Animation Rural Outreach Service



Prepare & promote socially united, culturally integrated, politically enlightened & Just tribal & other under-privileged communities through Animation, Organization, Mobilization, Capacity building, Networking & Advocacy, Assistance & Support for Sustainable Income Generation.


AROUSE started as an extension for the outreach programs of St. Ignatius High School Gumla in 1978, functioning through 30 centers under the adult alphabetization program covering 52 villages in Gumla, Jharkhand. Gradually with increased focus on tribal development in Gumla and Simdega districts of Jharkhand, the need was felt to link up various aspects programmatically in the context of Socio- economic empowerment, health, Education and tribal cultural identity etc. The organization clearly emphasizes on preservation of human dignity and recognition of the lost, least and last sections of the society. In essence catering to the interests of the downtrodden marginalized communities and reducing their vulnerabilities has been the core focus of all endeavors and initiatives of AROUSE. Following Registration under the Societies Registration Act in 1993 and has obtained its own FCRA Registration Number in June 1997, there was greater focus on outreach approach for comprehensive development. AROUSE began its outreach programmers it took on a National Adult Education Prog (NAEP) of 30 centres in Gumla Block 1979. Since then, it has been actually involved in the educational, socio-economic and cultural development of the people at the grass-roots by running a number of projects. Now, it has as many as 9 different projects running i.e. NLM (National Literacy Mission), Sericulture, LAB (Legal Aid Bureau), PEACH (Preservation and Extension of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage), ITBP and Health (Integrated Tribal Balwadi and Health), Socio-Economic and Cultural. The program level interventions in phases have been designed strategically to address the backbone issues of education, tribal identity, health, legal aid and economic independence. At present different programs being operated are watershed, micro-projects, livelihood projects (mulberry Seri-culture, Poultry, Value chain development prog), SHG’s formation and linkages for IGA, women’s’ empowerment and right, People action for liberalization and self - help, Sanitation, Balwadi, Health and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The tribals are backward in both districts. AROUSE organized the tribal community by conducting various economic activities which strengthen them to enhance their economic status and build their self-esteem and self-confidence.


The focus is for comprehensive development of community by assuring their basic needs and gives a privilege to their value system. The outcome of this curriculum is to see the villages as a model micro project village, which will play a vital role in this domain. As being only a stakeholder, the organization is only providing a helping hand and facilitates the programme with the community for sustainable development. The success and its credit of the programme is mainly depends in the hands of community.


Intended evolution of the level of impact on the beneficiary group


  1. Community will lead the developmental activities and become the legal holders of the action. The organization will only assist and facilitate the community.
  2. Participation, cordial relation and gender involvement is raised among the community.
  3. Access of local resources by the community.
  4. Attainment of self reliance with respect of economic, social, cultural & decision-making aspect in community
  5. The degree of migration will reduce by the direct involvement of the community in developmental matter.
  6. The improved economic condition of the community will help them for
  • Accessing of better health services
  • Arranging for two meals in a day
  • Sending their children to school for education
  • Involvement in developmental activities



A peaceful, just,well organized, prosperous and sustainable society


AROUSE’s Basic Strategies

A      Animating & educating the underprivileged, illiterate poor through Injot Dahar,    Balwadi & Health programme.

R     Raising self-help groups & communities of solidarity – programme for democratic, decentralized, participatory dev.

O     Opposing rampant injustices & spreading legal information through legal aid bureau programme.

U     Upholding & revitalizing tribal culture & identity through preservation & extension of aboriginal cultural heritage prog.

S     Strengthening & diversifying the tribal economy through Sericulture, SRI (System of Rice Intensification), Watershed mgt. & Micro-projects

E     Empowering the oppresses & powerless through training & democratic self rule

Installing & unveiling of the statue of

Late Fr Peter Paul Van Nuffel s.j.

Description of the beneficiary group

Oraon, Kharia, Munda and Sadans are the major inhabitants of this region. Mostly the villagers belonging to these tribes come under the beneficiary group. The people of this area are illiterate, unaware, ignorant, poor, superstitious and tradition- minded. They have huge potential but due to ignorance and lack of confidence they feel hesitatant to come forward. Presently AROUSE is providing a helping hand to strengthen the tribal community in the process of providing appropriate and sustainable development. Now the community leads the development activities in its own way, while AROUSE acts as a facilitator to run the programme smoothly and in a result- oriented way.


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